Why Pilates is One of the Fastest Growing Fitness Activities

Why Pilates is One of the Fastest Growing Fitness Activities

Pilates is the perfect way to strengthen muscles, increase your mobility, and build a better connection with your body.

Pilates was first formulated in the early 20th century. However, pilates has seen a rapid boom in popularity over the last decade. 

As its reach spread, the average pilates class was no longer limited to the usual lean twenty-year-olds. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are enjoying the health benefits. 

In fact, it has risen to become the most popular gym activity for women.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a popular form of exercise that concentrates on strengthening the body, with a particular focus on your core. 

It’s a series of repetitive exercises performed on a yoga mat or a piece of equipment called a Pilates Reformer that promote strength and stability throughout the body. 

Originally created by a German physical trainer, Joseph Pilates, pilates has over 600 uniquely challenging moves and sequences.

It’s this variety that makes pilates ideal for nearly everyone. 

Why Pilates is One of the Fastest Growing Fitness Activities

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is one of the greatest ways to exercise and millions of people are already reaping the rewards. 

There are plenty of pilates benefits. However, here are the big three that are transforming it into an exercise superstar. 


One of the most appealing benefits of pilates is that it’s ideal for pretty much everybody. 

Athletes will benefit from their improved sporting ability as a result of their newly increased mobility and flexibility.

Pilates is also a perfect way to stay active throughout pregnancy. It helps maintain a strong lower back and core muscles which can reduce the debilitating back pain that is all too common during pregnancy. 

Older people and those recovering from injuries are still invited as pilates is a low-impact way to exercise that causes little fatigue and joint pain when compared to other exercises.

Plus, pilates doesn’t rely upon a whole range of expensive equipment. Sure, there’s the reformer machine and similar technology that can be used. However, all you really need to get started is a positive mindset and a yoga mat. 

Improved Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility

Pilates is made up of targeted sets of exercises designed to strengthen and stretch your muscles. This is designed to continually test every part of your body. 

Throughout a session, you’ll cycle through different areas of the body with sets of movements. 

Part of what makes pilates so great is the way it challenges and tests unusual areas of your body and does this continually throughout one session. 

Mobility is all about range of motion. Whether you’re a sporting star or simply searching for a healthier body, mobility is essential. 

Yoga, pilates, and similar styles of exercise have long been hailed as some of the best ways to increase mobility because they both stretch and strengthen your body in unique ways. 

Why Pilates is One of the Fastest Growing Fitness Activities

Increased Body Awareness 

Pilates places an emphasis on building a positive connection between your body and your mind. 

It requires a mindset similar to yoga as to fully experience the benefits, you must enter a calm and serene state of mind.

Because pilates is so low impact and places a real focus on breathing techniques and mindfulness, most participants leave unfatigued and even report an energy boost! 

This mind-body connection is also expressed through the playful atmosphere of pilates.

You get to embrace the silly side of these body-mind exercises as you’re told to hang like a monkey or roll like a ball. 

Sure, ‘pumping iron’ at the gym might build more muscle mass but the fun side of pilates can’t be underestimated.

After all, the best fitness plan is the one you actually stick with. 


Pilates is fun, flexible, and just a great way to exercise. It strengthens nearly your entire body and builds that crucial body-mind bond. 

Not to mention, it’s recommended for pretty much everybody. It’s truly no surprise that pilates is a rising star in the world of fitness.

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Why Pilates is One of the Fastest Growing Fitness Activities

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