The Full Booty Guide | The Only Guide You’ll Need to See Results

The Full Booty Guide | The Only Guide You’ll Need to See Results

Have you been trying everything to build your booty but you’re not seeing the results you want? While sculpting a peachy bum won’t happen overnight, it’s certainly possible for all of us to tone and lift our bums. 

Here, we’re sharing a quick booty guide to give you that extra boost you’ll need to see results. You may only need a simple adjustment either in your mindset or in your training. So, let’s begin!

Benefits of Building Your Booty

First, let’s quickly go over why it’s beneficial to build your booty in the first place. It’ll help you get into the right frame of mind to stick with it.

Improve Posture

Glute exercises can help to improve posture by fortifying the posterior of the body. Since your glutes are connected both to your lower body and your core, it can do a lot to stabilize your posture

Especially if you do a lot of sitting throughout the day, training your glues is super beneficial. 

Prevent Injuries

Again, since your glutes support many parts of the body including your hips, lower back, knees, and even your ankles, training your booty can help to prevent a variety of injuries. 

As you strengthen your glutes, they can do their part to help take the load off your joints and other muscles. 

Increase Performance

Your glutes will be activated while doing pretty much any movement. 

So, if you’re an athlete or you simply want to up your game in the gym, training glutes will improve performance to increase explosiveness in your movements and plays a huge role in acceleration and deceleration.

Better Fat Loss

Since your glutes are such a large muscle group, building your booty boosts your body’s ability to lose fat. Building muscle helps your body burn fat long after you exercise. So, fortifying your body with stronger glutes can truly make a difference towards your fat loss goals.

The Full Booty Guide | The Only Guide You’ll Need to See Results

How to Build a Stronger Booty

Now that we know why we’d want to build a stronger booty, how does one actually do it?

Activate the Proper Muscles

First of all, if you’re not activating your glutes properly, you won’t really be getting anywhere. Since most of us spend our days seated, sitting down actually turns our glute muscles off (see our blog on dead butt). 

So, to make sure you’re activating your glues while squatting and deadlifting, try:

  • An activation warm-up with exercises like glute bridges, crab walks, and clams
  • Focus on your mind-body connection during training by visualizing your glutes and making sure they’re firing instead of your quads or hamstrings
  • Do specific booty-burning exercises like squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, hip thrusts, and donkey kicks and work with a personal trainer if you need assistance

Try Progressive Overload

Progressive overload simply means increasing the resistance on your glutes or the intensity of your booty training over time. 

In other words, if you’re not seeing booty gains, you may simply need to up the ante. Just be careful to incorporate progressive overload slowly and steadily instead of too much too soon.

You can try progressive overload in a few ways including:

  • Increasing resistance while reducing reps
  • Increasing reps without increasing resistance
  • Increasing your training frequency
  • Reducing rest time between sessions

Make Sure to Re-Fuel

Not only will proper nutrition allow you to lift heavier weights and train for extended periods, but your muscles quite literally need fuel in order to grow. For many, this might mean eating a lot more than you’d expect.

When you’re working to grow your booty, it’s suggested to eat a small meal about an hour before training and to stick with fast-digesting proteins and slow-digesting carbs including:

  • Egg whites
  • Whole grain bread
  • Oatmeal
  • Chicken
  • Sweet potato
  • Tuna
  • Brown rice
The Full Booty Guide | The Only Guide You’ll Need to See Results

Skip the Cardio

Last but not least, if you want to build a booty, go for weightlifting instead of cardio. In short, the Stairmaster or high-incline treadmill sessions might be sabotaging your results. The cardio aspect of these workouts could be burning the protein from your muscles and your glutes won’t then grow.

Generally speaking, weightlifting or some sort of resistance training will always be more beneficial for toning and building muscle than cardio workouts. A well-rounded workout routine is never a bad thing but if you’re looking for a peachy bum, skip the cardio.

Which part of your booty training needs adjustment? We hope this simple guide helped point you in the right direction! And if you haven't checked out our new BootySculpt Program yet, what are you waiting for? Download the OOMPH app today and start for 7-days free.


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