At Home Kickboxing Fitness App OOMPH On Creating Winning Habits

Although it sounds counterintuitive, small habits can lead to massive wins. In fact, small habit changes may be the only way to achieve long-lasting behavior for the better. But how?

Here, we’re talking a little bit about the importance of small habits, how they create big wins, and what this means for your life as a whole.

The Importance of Small Habits

The best part of small habits is that they’re, well… small.

It’s so easy to set lofty goals for ourselves, only to fall short. So, instead of aiming too high and feeling guilty about missing the mark, changing just one small habit at a time is ultimately a better strategy.

Small habits are so important because it’s the only way toward lasting change. It’s why 30-day lifestyle challenges don’t work in the long term and why so many of us struggle to stick to our fitness routine.

Instead of doing a complete overhaul of your habits, change something small.

Maybe you’ll wake up just 10 minutes earlier each morning versus strictly at 5:30 a.m

Maybe you’ll eat one plant-based meal per week versus going totally vegan overnight.

Maybe you’ll commit to simply moving your body every day versus doing an intense routine.

The point is, starting small is more powerful than you might think.

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How Small Habits Lead to Big Wins

Small habits lead to big wins because changing a small piece of your routine is far more manageable than changing everything at once.

Depending on our goals, as humans, we tend to try the “cold turkey” method, without much success. We wonder why we can’t eat more healthily or why we put off our workouts.

We’re trying to do too much.

On the other hand, we can all do one tiny change at a time. And before you know it, you’ll have a brand new habit that sticks. Because you aren’t overwhelmed, small habits genuinely do lead to big wins.

The truth is, in a fitness sense, humans aren’t wired to avoid sugar, feel calm, or do things that deliberately cause us pain. So, it’s not a defect that you crave chocolate chip cookies, struggle to meditate, or put off doing strenuous exercise.

So, to meet our goals (while remaining human), changing small habits is the way to go.

Changing Small Habits Both in Fitness and in Life

Although using small habits to achieve big wins is often associated with meeting fitness goals, it’s also a reliable approach to winning in life.

From optimizing your work life by slightly changing your email habits to improving your relationships with a small change in communication style, we can all use small habits to affect big change.

What small habit change will you implement today? Get ready to win big!

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