Quick Vacation Workouts: Traveling with OOMPH

Quick Vacation Workouts: Traveling with OOMPH

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Margaritas on the beach, hikes in the mountains, museums in Europe – what’s not to love?

Well, let’s just say that your fitness goals don’t always have the best time on vacation. By indulging in too much pasta, skipping the hotel gym (again), or having one too many desserts, it’s easy to let our healthy routines fall away on vacation.

We’re here to help you stay on track with your fitness routine. Here’s why it’s easy to get in a killer kickboxing workout, even while on vacation with OOMPH.


If you’re already cutting it close with baggage weight restrictions, we can relate. The good news is that with OOMPH, there’s no need to bring any dumbbells, yoga mats, or resistance bands. You’re getting an intense HIIT workout with no equipment required.

Staying at an Airbnb without gym access? No problem. Feeling restless on the beach while your spouse is sunbathing? Throw some punches right then and there. No need to find the perfect location or specific gym machines. All you need is the app!


With all the workouts available in your pocket, you can train anywhere, anytime. And we’re not talking about an e-book that you have to figure out yourself. OOMPH provides trainer-led sessions so that all you have to do is press start.

Plus, your schedule might be all kinds of wacky while on vacation. Sleep-ins and late nights mean you might miss the fitness classes available on your Caribbean cruise. No worries because with OOMPH, you’re on your own schedule.

The best part is you don’t even need an internet connection to do your OOMPH workouts. Just make sure to download a few sessions before you leave on your trip if you’re not sure wifi will be available at your remote destination.

Go ahead and break a sweat in your hotel room or out by the pool. Your kids might make fun of you but hey, that’s what family vacations are for, right?!


We get it. The last thing anyone wants to do on vacation is to spend hours in a hotel gym. No worries there because OOMPH workouts are a quick 30 minutes so you can squeeze in a few sessions throughout your trip without feeling like you missed out on any of the fun.

And let’s be honest – vacations can sometimes be as stressful as they are relaxing. So, taking half an hour to care for your health might be a welcome respite.


Vacations are meant to be an escape from reality. And by all means, indulge! Rest is so important to our overall health and enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of somewhere new is a huge part of living a balanced life.

Still, this makes it even harder to feel motivated to exercise, especially when the buffet is so much more tempting. Inviting friends to join you in the OOMPH Club is the perfect way to keep yourself accountable, even if your workout buddies can’t be there next to you.

The point of the Club is to give you that extra push when you need it most. And when you’re about to hit up the buffet for the fourth time today, you need that push.

Ready to give kickboxing a go? Looking for a workout you can do anywhere, anytime? Download OOMPH and get a 7-day free trial.


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