Kickboxing Fitness App OOMPH On How Protein Can Boost Recovery

Protein supplements have gotten a lot of hype in recent years. So, it’s easy to assume it’s just another craze. But, in reality, protein intake might actually be undervalued in terms of its importance to recovery and overall fitness. Who would’ve thought?!

After looking at what the science says about protein, here, we’re talking about why protein is good for muscle recovery and how it can benefit weight loss.

What the Science Says

First things first, it’s important to note that protein is the building blocks of your muscles themselves. Actually, it’s the building block of every single cell in your body. No wonder it’s so important.

When you perform strenuous exercise, your muscles develop tiny micro-tears and it’s the act of repairing those tears that transforms them into leaner, stronger muscles. So, it makes sense that adding more protein into your diet would aid in that process since protein is such a prominent part of each cell.

Much research has been done on the topic and it’s agreed upon by scientists that supplementing with protein is incredibly effective for muscle recovery, especially in the post-exercise period.

However, it becomes even more beneficial if protein supplements are used regularly, over long periods, in addition to your workout routine.

No Equipment Kickboxing Fitness At Home On How Protein Boosts Recovery

Why Should I Use Protein for Recovery?

When you supplement with protein, you’re helping your muscles repair themselves to become, as we mentioned, leaner and stronger. When your muscles have the chance to recover quickly and effectively, the result is endurance, fat loss, better performance, and, again, strength.

You’ll notice that your punches are stronger, your kicks hit harder, and your overall stamina has improved. Of course, this is partially a result of training consistently, but the additional protein really boosts these results.

There’s a reason why protein is the hallmark of any healthy diet. After all, you can get protein from lean meat, eggs, beans, and dairy. But the best protein supplements are often packed with other essential nutrients, making a huge difference in your fitness.

Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss

One of the main reasons protein supplements are so beneficial to weight loss is due to the fact that protein helps you feel fuller for longer. Protein is incredibly satiating and you’ll notice that you’re less likely to overeat after a meal that’s heavy in protein-rich foods.

Using protein powder as a meal replacement is a wonderful way to ensure your body receives adequate nutrition and curbs overeating. It’ll set you on a path toward healthier habits around food.

Plus, if you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey, getting stuck in the recovery phase can slow down your progress. Protein supplements help your body recover more quickly to get you back in the game and feeling good.

From there, the more muscle you build through exercise and using a protein supplement, you’ll continue to burn more and more fat. Long story short, the combination of regular exercise and protein will turn your body into a fat-burning machine!


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