Learn how Evelyn, a busy mother of two, started her fitness journey during a pandemic and transformed both her body and mind!

Let's get to know Evelyn!

My name is Evelyn, I’m 30 years old born in Cuba raised in Miami! I’m a mom of two girls, my oldest is 11 years old and my youngest 9 months!  I work full time at the University of Miami Athletics department with the sports medicine group & I’m also continuing my studies at UM. Spending time with my family is a huge priority for me, dedicating time to my daughters and creating the best memories for their childhood. Adventure, vacation, travelling, dancing and just having a good time and feeling healthy.

How Did You Decide To Start Your OOMPH Transformation? 

My main goal was to get back in shape, lose the baby weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight! When the COVID-19 pandemic started I was working from home & I would search for workouts on social media.

I wasn’t motivated because it was a struggle to find anything good, simple and effective. Luckily I came across the OOMPH ad and it caught my attention! I gave it a try since it has a free trial and I was hooked right away! 

Are You New To Kickboxing?

I’m not new to kickboxing, I was first introduced to cardio kickboxing after having my first daughter. About two years ago I went to a boxing class and it was challenging but I never went back due to high prices and lack of time.

I really enjoy the high intensity, the movements and how my body reacts to this type of exercise. This app has been both for me the cardio and as challenging as the boxing class. I’ve lost weight, I can see muscle definition all over my body and my stomach looks better than before. 

Has Your Relationship With Fitness Changed Since Starting With OOMPH?

I thought the only way I was going to get back into shape was by going to a gym, doing spinning classes or doing cross fit. I was so wrong! Now I know it’s possible to lose weight and get toned in the comfort of my living room! My girls see me kick-butt, sweat and have fun while working out. My oldest is my biggest fan she even joins me from time to time. I was stuck this time around... my energy was definitely not the same and my time is very limited. I’m so thankful for this app because I got my energy back and I enjoy every single workout! 

What's Been Your Biggest Obstacle While On Your Transformation Journey?

The biggest obstacle on my transformation journey has been time. Learning how to manage to be a mom of two, a pre-teen and a baby. Work, school and taking care of the house duties. Finding time for myself! This fitness app has made it possible for me, I don’t have to waste time driving anywhere. What I love the most is that I have the option to choose how long I want my workouts to be and when it starts it gets right to the point! 

Who Are Your Biggest Fitness Inspirations?

I’m inspired by all “Fit Moms”! As a mom, I know how hard it is to carve out time for myself but when I see other moms find the time to get it done, it inspires me to do the same! Fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle, adding fitness to my life has helped me feel healthy and be the best mom I can be for my daughters. 

What's The One Piece Of Advice You'd Give Anyone Starting Their Own Transformation Journey?

Stop doubting yourself, making excuses or feeling that it’s too late to change your life around. Make yourself a priority... when you feel good everything else in your life starts to change around for the better. Become the best version of yourself and never compare yourself to others. Be consistent and give yourself credit for every single accomplishment! 

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