How Music Helps You Work Out Harder!

How Music Helps You Work Out Harder!
Pop music blasts through the speakers at every gym, chill vibes are streaming to your ears in yoga, and you probably pop on some headphones to listen to a banging playlist during a run.

Is there something to this connection between music and exercise? Can music improve your workout? Spoiler alert: Yes! Music can totally help you go harder and train longer. Here’s how.


If your music has too slow a tempo, your body might naturally slow itself down to stay on the beat. A 2006 study found that people on a treadmill listening to fast-paced music increased their distance and pace. But keep in mind, music that’s too fast isn’t ideal either.

Another study done in 2011 showed that songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm) had the most effect on exercise effort.


Sometimes it can feel like we’re never not distracted. From a constant flow of emails to endless photos to scroll through on Instagram, it can seem counterintuitive to encourage distractions. But when it comes to going hard in your workouts, music is the “good kind” of distraction.

Usually, our minds are what gets in our way when it comes to exercise. Truth be told, our bodies can handle a lot more than we think we can. That’s why music is so great during a workout – it distracts our judging minds making us less aware of the pain in our muscles or the stitch in our side.

In short, when Beyoncé comes on and you’re feeling yourself, it’s easier to forget your fatigue and power through.


When it comes to fitness, we can easily get caught up in the aesthetics of working out. Leaner muscles, tighter abs, bigger booty – but sometimes we forget that exercise is amazing for mental health as well.

Music naturally makes people happy and relieves stress. Top that with a killer kickboxing session and you’ll be dizzy with dopamine and serotonin. It becomes a cycle of music improving your mood, which gets you in the mood to exercise, which gets you in the mood to go hard, which gives you positive associations with working out since you’re in such a good mood. It’s a win-win-win-win!


Throughout our lives, we’ve unintentionally created emotional associations with music. We usually associate what we’re hearing to how we felt when we first heard a song or to something that happened while that song was playing in the background.

Music can channel our memories which often boosts the motivational power of the song. Plus, many lyrics can be serious motivators on their own. Don’t pretend that every time “Eye of the Tiger” comes on you don’t want to box your heart out.

That’s the point! Channel those Rocky vibes!

Finding the best music for your kickboxing fitness routine might require a bit of trial and error. Some people might like to keep it steady with music to get them “in the zone” while others like to listen to their favorite tunes and sing along with each kick.

On the OOMPH app, you’re able to either choose your music or pick from our various pumping playlists, keeping you going strong and punching to the beat. Start your first workout today and don’t forget to crank up the tunes!


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