OOMPH Kickboxing HIIT App On How To Create Winning Habits

Successes and failures both produce powerful effects. By focusing on consistency in the gym, you can truly transform you life due to the strong biochemical effects that “winning” has on your brain.

Pretty crazy, huh? It does sound somewhat like science fiction. But it’s true - and here, we’re explaining how you can make winning a habit, starting with your workouts, to change your life for the better.

Consistency Compounds

Consistency is key. You’ve probably heard that phrase before and it’s common for a reason. It’s far more important to practice consistency versus aiming for perfection in any attempt to reach a goal.

That’s because consistency compounds. When you’re consistent, all those little steps you take add up over time.

Three days a week of consistent exercise over the course of a year is far more effective than sporadically doing a two-week workout challenge that you never keep up with.

A little goes a long way when you’re consistently building better habits. So, in other words, consistent small wins are what make a real winner in the long run.

Winning in Fitness Means Winning in Life

For us, the most beautiful part of fitness is the fact that its lessons come with you into every aspect of your life.

If you’re winning in fitness, you’re probably also winning in life. It’s like a domino effect with one good decision bleeding into another. And in fitness, as in life, it all takes consistency to succeed.

In business, it’s the manager that consistently shows up for their team that meets goals and gets ahead. In relationships, it’s the partner that consistently pays attention and goes the extra mile. With self-care, it’s the person who consistently does the little things like eat well, get eight hours of sleep a night, and floss their teeth daily.

They’re the winners.

And that’s not to say these winners are perfect. No one is. But if they’re consistent with their workouts, they’re far more likely to consistent in other areas.

In fitness, you learn that if you miss a workout or you had an off day, you can always do better tomorrow. It’s that practice of pushing past obstacles that lead to a winning attitude - one that carries you through the rest of your life.

At Home Kickboxing Fitness App OOMPH On Creating Successful Habits

What Winning Does on a Biological Level

We promise it’s not science fiction! There’s actually some pretty cool biological stuff happening when we win.

Chemically, our body will release more testosterone and dopamine to the brain after winning. Over time, these hormones literally change the structure of the brain, leading you to become more confident and make better decisions.

It’s not that you’re literally getting smarter. You’re just no longer “in your own way.” Testosterone and dopamine will change your mood. You’ll feel happier and more in control.

Therefore, you’re more likely to think rationally and get less caught up in negative thought patterns, both of which lead to better decision-making and increased confidence as those good decisions compound.

It makes sense and really drives home the idea that small wins can really make the difference. Every time you win, even if all you did was finish a quick kickboxing workout in your living room, you’ll get that biological boost, encouraging you to have your next win - no matter how small.

The more you win, the better you feel. Not a bad cycle to get caught in, that’s for sure!


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