OOMPH kickboxing workouts are a glorious blend of kickboxing training and effective HIIT workouts. But what makes them so unique?

Here, we’re diving deep into the science behind HIIT training and how merging it with the power of kickboxing can help you burn more calories and finally start to enjoy exercise.

A Deadly Combination

When you merge kickboxing moves with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you get a fat-blasting combination. 

HIIT refers to a training style where you work at your max capacity for specific time intervals before taking brief rest periods. It’s the best way to train when you’re short on time and is particularly effective for cardiovascular health. 

HIIT works because it’s all about improving your recovery speed. When you push yourself to the limit before taking a rest in between, it trains your heart to recover more quickly and effectively each time. 

When you think about it, that’s the definition of fitness. The more fit you are, the faster you can catch your breath. That’s HIIT.

Add HIIT to a kickboxing workout, and you really get a deadly combination. Kickboxing incorporates explosive movement that builds strength, solidifies your core, and focuses your mind. 

Can you see why kickboxing HIIT workouts are a lethal combo?

The Stats

HIIT workouts are said to burn 25% to 30% more calories than other training styles. And with kickboxing, you’ll be able to burn up to 900 calories in an hour!

So, it makes sense that when you put them both together, it’s a killer combo. This epic duo is exactly why HIIT kickboxing is our workout of choice on the OOMPH app.

If you need more convincing as to why you should try our kickboxing HIIT sessions, read on.

Benefits of Kickboxing

First of all, kickboxing is fun. So many of us have learned to look at exercise as a punishment or something we have to do. That’s not the case with kickboxing.

Forget the boring repetition of your average workout routine. With kickboxing, your workouts will fly by. You might be surprised at how much you’ll look forward to the next one.

Plus, you’ll learn valuable self-defense. Not only will your confidence skyrocket as your body transforms, and your mood improves, but you’ll also have a stronger sense of self and an understanding of basic self-defense. With kickboxing, you’ll move in the world with your head held high.

Last but not least, with kickboxing HIIT workouts, you’ll get fit AF. And let’s face it - that’s a pretty epic perk we can all get behind. After all, there’s no shame in looking and feeling our absolute best. 

Burn more calories in less time, learn killer kickboxing moves, and have fun the entire time. Sounds like a triple win! 

Try it for yourself and check out the OOMPH app today. Get started on your next kickboxing HIIT session anytime, anywhere. Trust us, it’s a game-changer. 

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