Kickboxing for Moms | How to Get Fit While the Kids Nap!

Kickboxing for Moms | How to Get Fit While the Kids Nap!

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for something new, challenging, rewarding, and fun? Kickboxing is for you! 

We get it. As a stay-at-home mom, you have the laundry, cooking, cleaning, prepping for soccer, choir practice, vet appointments, a full-time chauffeur job, and dance rehearsals all while keeping yourself sane and healthy. 

We’re here to relieve some of that weight from your shoulders! You do it all for everyone else, so it’s about time you take a moment to give your body and mind the love and attention it deserves.

Kickboxing has countless benefits and we’ll break down the major ones for you. We want you to have a quick and effective workout. We understand you have things to get to! We’re here to help you sweat, burn, smile, laugh, and feel amazing!

Fitness Inspiration for Stay at Home Moms

From the wise words of Jennifer White from mindbodygreen

“If you can grow a baby inside of your body and can clean up more poop in one day than you thought was possible, you can find thirty minutes a day to exercise.”

It’s best if you work out first thing in the morning. If this doesn’t seem possible for you, find a time when the kids are still asleep or put a fun movie on for them. Give yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted “you” time.

If your kids are old enough, you can even make it a game where they help you count the reps or put away the equipment you don’t need anymore! Make it fun for them and you might actually find yourself enjoying this time for yourself!

There will always be things to do on the “to-do” list. It’s fine, it can wait. Remember that you deserve this time. It’s not selfish or unimportant.

Kickboxing for Moms | How to Get Fit While the Kids Nap!

Benefits of Kickboxing for Moms

In just 30 minutes, you can build strength and improve balance, coordination, agility, cardiovascular capacity, and flexibility with a fun kickboxing workout. 

Cardiovascular Fitness

Kickboxing will get your heart pumping. Since it’s a muscle, the more it pumps the stronger it gets! A strong heart means a healthy heart. 

Increase Agility

Your body awareness and control will increase since you’re constantly switching directions during a kickboxing session, staying light on your toes, and engaging in fast movements. You’ll be able to move quicker with more precision with practice.

Build Muscle, Burn Fat  

Since kickboxing is considered a HIIT workout, your metabolism is also going to get a workout. Switching between high-intensity sets and rest is great for burning fat.

Reduce Stress

Exercising releases “feel good” hormones which help when reacting to stress. Also, it’s kickboxing… if you have any unwanted anger, this is the perfect release!

Increase Flexibility

When you twist your body during a punch and reach its fullest extension, your body will naturally start to lengthen the muscles. This “snap” can help increase flexibility.

Save Time

Again, it takes only about 30 minutes to get an insanely good workout from the comfort of your own home. No excuses!

Kickboxing for Moms | How to Get Fit While the Kids Nap!

Kickboxing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Ready to give kickboxing a try as a stay-at-home mom? Let’s go over some tips and tricks for better kickboxing technique

  • Resting stance: Even while in recovery in boxing, you should still be active and ready. Keep your feet wide with a nice bend in your knees and your core tight.
  • Keep your body moving: You want to always be ready to react to whatever is thrown at you. Stay light on your toes and agile.
  • Practice stability: Keep your core strong. While the rest of your body should be loose yet active, your core should always remain tight since it will help center your movement.
  • Work for that full-body workout: Incorporate everything! Glutes tight, strong arms, core locked, keep moving and jumping around.
  • Breathe!: Your breath is your power. Exhale on the effort and inhale on the recovery. If you don’t breathe deep you will burn out quickly.

Start Kickboxing Today

Now that you have all the knowledge, let’s put it into action! Download the OOMPH app for a killer at-home kickboxing workout that you can smash out in 30 minutes while the kids are napping. Get punching today!

Kickboxing for Moms | How to Get Fit While the Kids Nap!

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