What do you do when you get stressed? Maybe you reach for the ice cream in the freezer. Maybe you zone out watching TV. Maybe you dive into work or constantly feel unsettled. Times can get tough and we could all use better ways to cope with our stress.

Turns out, exercise and, in particular, kickboxing are extremely stress-relieving. The combination of controlled aggression, aerobic exercise, and the hormones released in the process are a triple whammy that’s sure to leave you feeling much better than when you started. 

Here, we’re explaining how exercise helps to reduce stress and diving into the science behind kickboxing’s stress-relieving effects. 

How Exercise Reduces Stress

At first, the notion of exercising to reduce stress might seem counterintuitive. Do you mean to tell me that pushing my body to the limit is supposed to make me more relaxed? 

You’d be right in thinking that exercising is quite literally a form of physical stress and some people think resting is going to help them de-stress more than anything. Well, turns out - physical activity is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mental health. 

It comes down to two things: practicing mental strength and releasing “feel good” hormones. 

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a session and your brain is yelling at you to stop. “Just take a rest!” it says. Instead, you push on and achieve your goal. You feel proud and as a result, you’re creating self-esteem. This bleeds through into the rest of your life and soon enough, when you start to feel stressed, you continue your pattern of taking care of yourself, even when it’s hard and you don’t “want" to.

The other explanation for how exercise reduces stress is neurochemical. Exercise reduces stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol while simultaneously stimulating pleasure hormones like endorphins.

How Hitting Things (Yes - We’re Serious) Reduces Stress: The Science Behind It

Now, let’s talking about kickboxing specifically. It seems that hitting things is a great way to blow off steam. That part makes a little more sense. 

For many of us, feeling stressed out might make us want to punch a wall or shout obscenities while stuck in traffic. So, let’s channel some of that energy into a workout regimen where we can not only punch things but get all those amazing benefits we mentioned above!

Among feelings of euphoria and stress relief that come along with the aerobic side of kickboxing, it also leads to an increase in one’s confidence in their ability to defend themselves. Long story short, you’ll be walking on air after a kickboxing workout. 

Mental Health is So Important, Especially For Busy People

It seems the world is moving faster and faster. That’s why taking control of our mental health is important, especially for busy people. For that exact reason, we make sure our kickboxing workouts are quick, effective, and available anywhere. 

Download the OOMPH app and get amazing trainer-led workouts right on your phone. It might not be your first instinct to get off the couch when you’re stressed, but with the app, you have no excuse not to release some tension with kickboxing. Start your 7-day free trial today!

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