There’s a lot of information out there about what kinds of workouts are best for fat loss. The truth is, there’s not one simple answer. 

However, kickboxing and other HIIT workouts have been proven to show results and there’s science behind why it’s an effective exercise for burning fat and improving your overall fitness.

Here, we’re explaining what HIIT workouts are and why they work.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It’s a type of exercise where you perform an intense exercise for short periods, going back and forth from active work to recovery. 

Kickboxing is a great example of HIIT because you’re constantly going from intensive training to rest periods. It’s the opposite of moderate exercise where you maintain a consistent pace throughout, known as low-intensity steady state (LISS) training.

For example, sprints are HIIT sessions while long-distance running is LISS. Kickboxing is HIIT while steadily lap swimming is LISS.

HIIT and LISS are both forms of cardio workouts and both have certain benefits, but it’s pretty well documented that HIIT workouts are more effective for fat loss. Not only do HIIT workouts burn more calories in less time, but they also are better at improving fitness.  


So, you might be wondering what all of this means. How does HIIT relate to fat loss and what makes it more effective than other forms of cardio? Let’s explain.

HIIT exercises like kickboxing and bodyweight circuit training take advantage of the rest period. This is achieved by improving your metabolism and your recovery rate.

Several studies have shown that HIIT workouts increase your metabolic rate even hours after exercise. Your metabolism refers to how quickly your body can convert fat into energy. A high metabolism means your body is burning fat before it stores it away!

You might define fitness as losing weight and having a six-pack, but really, fitness should be defined as how quickly your body can recover from strenuous activity. The faster you can get back to a normal state after those punches and kicks, the more fit you are.

It should also be clear that when we say that HIIT workouts are better for fat loss when compared to LISS training, what we mean is that they’re more effective. LISS workouts can aid in fat loss, it just takes longer.

Research also shows that many HIIT workouts help increase muscle mass and the more muscle on your body, the more fat you end up burning. Too much LISS exercise can lead to something called “skinny fat” – a term that describes someone who is skinny with low muscle mass and an unhealthy body composition with more fat than muscle.

The goal is to burn fat while building muscle at the same time. If you’re not building muscle, your body will start to run out of fat to burn and it’ll go after your muscles, leading to a plateau in your results. Having a healthy amount of muscle mass is important for improving strength and speeding up your metabolism.

In short, you’ll burn fat quicker when you have more muscle and, at the end of the day, health and fitness are about so much more than being “skinny.” At OOMPH, we’re promoting muscle tone, strength, and a balanced body composition. HIIT helps with that.

Get on track with your true health and fitness with kickboxing. OOMPH provides fast, fun, and effective HIIT workouts that burn fat, increase muscle mass, and boost your fitness. Ready to kick things into high gear? Start your 7-day free trial today!


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