Let's hear from Kat, a 29 year old YouTuber and freelance makeup artist who is sharing her OOMPH transformation and the challenges she's had to overcome to achieve her goals! 🙌

Tell us about yourself!

I live in sunny Tampa, FL. I am 29 years old and enjoy trying new foods, reviewing makeup on my youtube channel and going out to eat with my husband! I work at Nielsen Media Research in Panel Relations full-time and have been there for 4 years as well as doing freelance makeup on my off-time.

How did you decide to start your OOMPH transformation? 

I decided to start Oomph when I was looking for a good workout program to follow. At the time I had gotten to a point where I let myself get a little too heavy for my size. I am 5'0 and at nearly 150 lbs, my joints were starting to hurt so I knew I had to focus on my overall well being again. Then, not even 2 weeks later, quarantine started and the gyms closed in my area. I was scrolling through Instagram one day hoping for a good workout to follow at home and I saw an ad that caught my eye for kickboxing workouts, I had heard of kickboxing being an amazing form of HIIT training so I didn't even think twice about downloading the app and I was hooked!

Are you new to kickboxing?

I am very new to kickboxing so the first 1-2 weeks were awkward for me to try to punch the air and not feel "wobbly" and awkward. I soon got the hang of it and felt really awesome being able to feel parts of my body working like they are supposed to when I kick or punch correctly!

How has your relationship with fitness change since starting with OOMPH?

My relationship with fitness has gotten a lot more consistent, because Oomph introduced me to a different form of exercise, I am able to workout out even if I don't have the gym available. Before I wouldn't really know what to do to get active if I was to miss the gym and would skip working out all together which really stunted my fitness journey

What's been your biggest obstacle while on your transformation journey?

My biggest obstacle has really just been with me getting up early to workout as opposed to waiting last minute. I fit my workouts in before work (usually scheduled 12-9) and I wake up and take my sweet time getting ready so sometimes I feel like I have to rush the last bit of working out and jump straight into work, I've gotten better with time management but it's definitely a work in progress.

What keeps you motivated?

The overall feeling of completing a workout and seeing results really keep me motivated! After I reached my goals just that feeling of accomplishment was so amazing and kept me going. I felt great and I felt so confident, people would point out at work how much more confident I sounded when speaking and how much better work was going for me. ( I work from home now so that's saying something when people notice it and aren't even physically around me!)

What's the one piece of advice you'd give someone starting their own transformation journey?

Just start! It helps to start slow and build as you go, your future self will THANK YOU ... even if your mind is fighting it right now just push because the results will ALWAYS be worth it!

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