How to Stay Motivated & Consistent

How to Stay Motivated & Consistent

Improving your life is as easy as developing the motivation and consistency to stick with your goals. 

You might wish you ate healthier, exercised more or finally learned that language like you said you would.

The good news is all of that and more is within reach. You already had the motivation to click on this article and take the first step to achieving your goals. The question is, do you have the consistency to stick it through?

Because whatever you’re hoping to achieve, it all comes down to motivation and consistency. You need the motivation to drive you and consistency to make it happen.

How to Stay Motivated

The only thing stopping you from having that dream physique, enjoying a better diet or achieving any of your other goals is motivation.

You have no idea how high you could soar if you simply had the motivation to push through and try! 

How to Stay Motivated & Consistent


Know Your “Why”

Take a moment and imagine what would happen if you took the time you spend each day on your phone or watching Netflix and used it to accomplish your goal.

No, seriously think about that for a moment. 

Because the most important thing you can do to stay motivated is to remember where this dream might take you. 

Break It Down

Once we have this grand picture, we have to consider the second half of staying motivated - breaking it down into achievable steps.  After all, It’s hard to motivate yourself when the goal feels out of reach. 

However, all it takes is a shift in mindset and suddenly you’re all fired up and ready to go.

Try thinking of your goal as one step you can take each day. You might see exercising daily as five reps in the morning or writing a book as one page a day. 

Motivation is all about remembering the dream behind the goal and making sure the path there are regular and achievable steps.

But motivation is nothing without action. And the way we turn our motivation into real results is through consistency. 

How to Stay Motivated & Consistent


How to  Build Consistency

Our brains tell us to take the easy way out. It takes real effort for us to fight this impulse and stick with our new year's resolution or go for that early morning run. 

However, there are ways to work around this. One of the easiest is to create a regular habit so achieving your daily goal becomes almost automatic. 

Building that sort of consistency starts with these 5 steps:

1. Isolate One Aspect of Your Goal

Your goal may interest you but the steps to achieve it are likely tedious. You can make them more appealing by isolating the part you enjoy.

For example, you might think of morning exercise as building abs or healthy eating as looking slim. 

2. Set a Time or Place

Saying that you’ll ‘exercise daily’ is useless without clear guidance on how you’ll achieve this goal. 

Setting aside a specific time and place means it’s less likely you’ll get swept up in other plans. 

3. Create Accountability

The only thing worse than failing is failing publicly and by simply sharing your goal with a friend or family member, you’ll be more likely to stick it through.

Having an exercise partner or diet buddy can make the process even easier. 

4. Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a little reward at the end of hard work is a nice way to celebrate a job well done. Just make sure it doesn’t undermine the goal itself (like a slice of cake for eating healthy).

5. Forgive Your Failures

We are all human and at some point along the way, you’ll fail. This is okay. Champions aren’t the best because they never fail.

They’re the best because they didn’t let their failures hold them back. 

You need the motivation to fuel your dreams and consistency to make them a reality. However, you don’t have to do it alone.

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How to Stay Motivated & Consistent

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