We all have goals we’d like to achieve - career goals, personal goals, and those ever-elusive fitness goals. We make lists, curate schedules, buy the gear, and set on our way - only to fall off the proverbial wagon in a week or two. 

Don’t worry - you’re not alone. But, there are strategies you can use to help you become a LOT more likely to follow through and achieve your fitness goals. Here’s how.

Goal Setting Strategies

The first step to meeting a fitness goal is having a strategy. Otherwise, we’re just punching in the dark. 

One of the most common goal-setting strategies is known as the SMART strategy. The acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. In some cases, the acronym has been extended to the SMARTER technique which includes evaluated and readjusted. After all, it’s important to point out that changing things when necessary is important to the process.

An example of a SMARTER fitness goal might be “I will do a kickboxing workout two times a week for three months.” From there, if it works, you can continue this pattern. If it doesn’t work, you can look back on it and readjust.

The next steps are making a plan and eliminating bad habits. Maybe you’ll plan to do your OOMPH workout right when you get home from work and recognize the habits that might get in the way. If you get stuck on the couch and continually skip your training sessions, don’t even sit down. Eventually, you’ll break the habit.

Let discipline take over and increase the friction if necessary. That might mean leaving your sneakers out so that you see them as a cue to workout.

The next strategy is to take things one at a time. Start small and gradually build-up to the overarching goals. So, if the goal is to get fit, the first step is opening the OOMPH app. Let one step in the right direction lead you to the next. 

Finally, get others involved. It’s natural for humans to want to conserve energy. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to work toward a goal when we have someone else relying on us. So, tell others about your goals for accountability. Even better, have them join in!

How to Stay Motivated 

The first thing to accept about fitness goals - and any other goal for that matter - is that there will be roadblocks. You’ll have a crazy week at work, you’ll get sick, or your kid will have a baseball tournament that throws off your schedule. There will always be curveballs so it’s best to expect them.

Have a plan for what happens when things don’t go as expected. And if you fall off the horse, don’t spend any energy feeling like a failure. You’re not - just start again. The OOMPH app can help with the rest.

On the app, the trainer-led workouts are set up with a built-in goal: to achieve your black belt. It also keeps your future workouts locked until you complete the previous sessions. This helps you stay focused on the smaller goals, step by step.

Plus, you can invite friends to download the OOMPH app and join a community of fellow kickboxers to keep you motivated and challenged. It’s goal-achievement built right in. Try OOMPH for 7 days, free of charge and get on top of your goals today!

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