Holiday food can be daunting for anyone with fitness goals. After all, is it even possible to resist homemade pumpkin pie? 

To survive the holiday feasts without undoing all your hard work this year is to practice moderation, both with food and exercise, while connecting with a like-minded community. 

Here’s how.

Practice Moderation with Food

If the 80/20 rule applies to your everyday life -- that is, 80% of the time you eat healthy, whole foods and 20% of the time you’re less strict about your diet -- then, over the holidays, perhaps this gets adjusted to 60/40.

But, this should only apply to actual holidays, not the entire two-week break. That means perhaps you commit to a healthy breakfast on Christmas morning but allow yourself to indulge in the afternoon meal. And dessert, of course.

However, for the rest of the holiday season, keep up with your 80/20 eating habits as much as you can. 

Chances are, if you allow yourself to enjoy those holiday meals, you might find that you can enjoy it more. No guilt, no “working it off,” no obsessing. You’re far more likely to stop when you’re full and experience a better relationship with holiday food that way.

Don’t Obsess About Your Fitness Goals, Either.

On the flip side of overindulging, there’s no need to obsess over your fitness goals during the holidays, either. 

With the new year approaching, it makes sense that you’re taking time to reflect and set new goals. However, it’s just as unhealthy to be too extreme about our fitness goals, especially during this time of rest and celebration. 

So, do your best not to obsess about fitting in your workouts if holiday stuff gets in the way. Plus, keep in mind that rest is just as important as activity.

Of course, keeping up with your exercise and healthy eating habits during the holidays will help to keep you energized all season long. The key is, again, moderation. Don’t overindulge but don’t over obsess. Spend your holidays somewhere in between.


Keep Up with Fit Friends

To power through the holidays and practice moderation effectively, it’ll help to have some fit friends by your side. Connecting with those who also care about health and fitness will help you stay the course when things don’t go to plan over the holidays.

As the saying goes, you are who you surround yourself with. So, make sure you’re keeping up with friends that have your best interests at heart -- and vice versa. 

Don’t have any fit friends just yet? Our OOMPH Club can help connect you with a huge community of people at various stages of their fitness journey. From beginners to pros, it’s so important to have a reason to be accountable. 

Chat about struggles and success stories, all while offering support through the holidays and beyond. It’s not impossible to power through the holidays with the right mindset and the right community.

Practicing moderation by limiting overindulgence and obsessive tendencies as well as finding a community that’s in the same boat can push you through to the new year. Don’t let the holiday season weigh you down. You got this!

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