Summer Workout Motivation: How to Get Your Rear in Gear


Summertime means lazy days at the beach and extra time in the sun relaxing and unwinding. Often, the last thing you want to do is exercise. 

So, to get your rear into gear this summer and maintain a consistent exercise routine during the summer months, we’ve got some killer tips. Let’s get started.

Tips to Find the Motivation to Exercise

Find Workouts You Love

The best way to stay motivated to exercise is by finding workouts you absolutely love. We’re obsessed with kickboxing and boxing workouts which is why we don’t find it all that difficult to log in to OOMPH and get going. 

If you hate your current workouts, of course, you’ll find every excuse not to do them. So, try something else! Find ways to move your body that you love and watch the motivation ooze out of you.


Take Your Exercise Outdoors

It’s summertime, so take advantage! Do a workout on the beach or bring a few friends to the park for a session. You might even do the summer activities you love as a workout, like surfing or paddleboarding. 

Fresh air and sunshine can do a lot for your health anyway, so exercising outdoors can be doubly beneficial for staying fit during the summer.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Remember, a little goes a long way, but you still have to do the little bit. This phrase can be confusing because you think to yourself, ‘A little goes a long way, so I’ll work out tomorrow.” 

No, you still have to exercise today, but you’ll see results even if you only move your body in some small way consistently.

This might mean walking your dog one day, doing an OOMPH kickboxing or boxing workout another day, swimming at the pool the next, and so on. You don’t have to max yourself out all the time. But, you do have to do something to get your body moving every day if you want to see results.

Below are a few summer workout ideas to help you find workouts you love, take your exercise outdoors, and do a little bit that goes a long way.

How to Achieve Your Ideal Summer Body

What is a summer body?

First thing’s first, you need to decide for yourself what a summer body even is. There’s a lot of toxicity out there surrounding the ideal summer body, so it’s important to do your best to drown out the noise and figure out what your summer body is. 

In most cases, a summer body feels strong and mobile. It has energy and can do summery things like swim, play, and relax stress-free. But, a summer body like this comes with work. You need to eat well, exercise, and relieve your stress

You’ll be sporting your bikini or swim trunks in no time, ready to enjoy everything that summer life has to offer with your healthy, excited summer body.

Bodyweight Workouts Do Wonders

You might think that your road to a summer body is paved in the gym, lifting heavy weights, or running marathons on the weekends. Sure, these kinds of workouts can get you into a great shape, but if you hate weightlifting and running, it’s just not worth it.

Bodyweight exercises not only tone your muscles to lean out your physique, but they also improve your cardio fitness and can be done anywhere, anytime. Plus, they’re easy to modify and can be adjusted to fit any fitness level. 

Take kickboxing, for example. It requires zero equipment and only a tiny amount of space. Using nothing more than your body weight, you’re working your muscles using your body’s natural resistance and improving your cardio as you incorporate footwork and faster, more explosive movements. 

Then, as you constantly switch between high-energy moves to brief periods of rest, you’re training your heart to recover more and more quickly. And at the end of the day, that’s all fitness really is.

So, what we’re saying is, don’t underestimate bodyweight workouts like the boxing & kickboxing sessions you’ll find on OOMPH to achieve your summer fitness goals.

Summer Activities Make Perfect Summer Bodies

Lastly, summer bodies love summer activities. So, get out there and see where the sunshine takes you! Go for a surf, ride your bike along the trail, and paddleboard on the lake for an active lifestyle only summer can provide. 

Swim in the pool, play soccer in the backyard, or hike in the mountains. The options are endless, and with a bit of sunshine and fresh air, your summer body is waiting!

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