How to Beat the 9-5 Fitness Excuse

How to Beat the 9-5 Fitness Excuse

Exercise is super valuable and has a whole range of health benefits. From shedding extra pounds to keeping your heart pumping and your mind active, exercise is pretty powerful.

But most people know all of this and simply wish they had the time to get fit. Because in their mind, there’s always something standing in their way. That they would exercise if they simply had the time.

There’s no time in the morning because they have to prepare for the rest of the day. There’s no time in the actual day because they are busy at work. And there’s no time after work because it’s already getting dark and they’re too tired to bother. 

This may seem like a tough cycle to overcome. However, all you need is a change of mindset and some realistic first steps. Here’s how to beat the 9-5 fitness excuse.

Maximizing Time with HIIT Workouts

OOMPH includes a range of amazing HIIT workouts to maximize your time. If the biggest thing stopping you from exercising is time, then HIIT workouts are the solution. 

HIIT workouts are a short period of intense work followed by an active recovery break. This high-intensity style of exercise helps you lose fat and gain muscle.

Each person is different and the amount or frequency of your workout needs to be carefully tailored. However, with over 2500 unique exercises to choose from, OOMPH has a HIIT workout for everyone.

And each one has quick results that maximize your time. After only one hour of OOMPH training, you’ll have burned 500+ calories! But if you only have 15 minutes of exercise, there’s an OOMPH workout for that too!

These time-efficient workouts are truly the best way to exercise smarter, not longer. 

How to Beat the 9-5 Fitness Excuse

Get Active on Your Lunch Break

Getting active on your lunch break is a great way to break up your working time and give you a little boost.

This can mean a full-on lunchtime workout where you really break a sweat. Or it can be as simple as choosing to walk somewhere for lunch rather than sitting at your desk. 

If you find a like-minded colleague, then you might start up a routine together where you go for a jog or do yoga. 

Whatever level of intensity you choose, it’s also important to prioritize your actual lunch meal. It provides you with important nutrients and energy that your body needs. 

Prep Your Activewear

When you arrive home, it’s easy to dump your stuff and settle onto the couch. Having to go get changed and then exercise probably isn’t too appealing.

Preparing your activewear ahead of time makes the transition from arriving home to exercising more seamless.

And this is the attitude you should have with everything. If you’re using any equipment, then you might also have that ready and a space cleared. 

Make Exercise Fun on the Weekends

We’ve made exercise sound like this big chore you have to force yourself to do but it really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can make exercise fun

The first step is to reconsider your current plan. If you really hate swimming, then you don’t have to force yourself. And it’s the same with any other form of exercise.

Choose the style that most excites you. That might be a hike through the mountains, learning to surf, or going rock climbing. 

If you want to enjoy your weekend and still exercise, the best way is to combine the two. 

Choose a Convenient Way to Work Out 

When something is convenient, you’re more likely to choose it. By making exercise more convenient, you’ll start to do it regularly. 

All of the tips mentioned are designed to make exercise more convenient. However, if you’re truly serious about achieving your fitness goals, then you’ll want to download the OOMPH app

You can enjoy 2500+ incredible workouts that are challenging and time-efficient. Plus, you’ll be joining a great fitness, which is a great way to stay inspired and stay on track. 

Not to mention, you’ll be gaining access to some of the best fitness coaches in the world and all the wisdom they can offer you. 

The OOMPH app is truly the best way to get your sweat on anywhere, anytime. Download today!

How to Beat the 9-5 Fitness Excuse

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