How Health Can Be Fun!

How Health Can Be Fun

It’s common for people to expect healthy living to be drab, dreary, and totally awful. But, what if we told you that health can be fun? Well, you better believe it because healthy living doesn’t have to be boring. 

Here, we’re proving that health can be fun by opting for a more positive attitude and with a few healthy living practices that can put the excitement back in your healthy routine. So, let’s get started!

Healthy Living = Positivity

Healthy living leads to a more positive outlook on life and vice versa; positivity can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Studies from the Harvard School of Public Health suggest that optimism can improve your overall health. Not to mention, positivity also seems to improve financial health and social status as well.

So, what does this mean? Well, when you believe you can be healthy, that you deserve health and energy, and you trust yourself to take the necessary steps to improve your health, you’re more likely to do so.

Then, when you’re living a healthier lifestyle, it’s almost certain that your energy levels will go up, your mood will improve, and you’ll feel extra motivated by looking and feeling your best. So, what happens then?

You’ll start to become even more optimistic about the future because you actually see all the incredible benefits of better health. It’s a beautiful cycle that leads to a whole gamut of positive benefits. 

Remember, true health is a lifestyle. It’s embedded in everything you do, from how you sleep to how you spend your money and time, to how you eat… the list goes on. Everything’s connected, and the healthier your lifestyle becomes, the more positive your outlook on life will be.

How Health Can Be Fun

Making Health Fun AND Simple

With that being said, healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a healthy lifestyle can truly be both fun AND simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy.

The whole world is bombarding us with temptations. From the drive-thrus that sprinkle your route to work and the ice cream aisle at the grocery store, it’s certainly not easy to avoid all that temptation, especially when you’re not used to turning the other cheek.

But, by making healthy living fun, you’ll find it’s simpler than ever to make better choices for your health.

5 Fun Healthy Living Practices to Try

So, what can we do to make healthy living more fun? Here are five healthy living practices to try to bring a little more fun and excitement to your life.

Play Games

It’s no secret that humans love games. Since the beginning of time, people have played games to gain social status and entertain the masses. From the Olympics to professional sports, there’s something about games that’s ingrained in us.

So, one healthy living practice to bring more fun into your routine is to play games. Start a kickball league among your coworkers. Play tag with your kids to bring out the childlike side in you. Join your local adult soccer club and play on the weekends.

Or, you can even make your healthy eating habits into a game. For every healthy meal you choose over an unhealthy one, you can give yourself a “point”. Then, once you reach 20 points, you can give yourself a treat to celebrate your success. 

It doesn’t matter how you “gamify” your healthy lifestyle. Just change your mindset to think of your goals as a game and see how much more fun it becomes.

How Health Can Be Fun

Get Friends Involved

Everything’s more fun with friends! So, get your besties involved in your healthy living practices. 

Whether you become gym buddies and accountability partners or you go for morning walks with your favorite neighbor, there’s no reason why you can’t socialize and practice healthy living at the same time.

Do Themed Events

For whatever reason, most of us love themed events. From dressing up in 80s garb to Taco Tuesdays, having a theme is a surefire way to add a little fun to your healthy routine.

Even if it’s just among your family or group of friends, turning your healthy living practice into a theme can not only be hilarious but also keeps everyone on track. Dress up during your at-home kickboxing workouts or go for a healthy taco salad every Taco Tuesday. It’s sure to bring a bit of fun to your healthy lifestyle.

Participate in Challenges

Challenges are common in the health and fitness community. Why? Because they bring some much-needed fun and playful camaraderie to the mix. And they work!

Similar to games, challenges are a fun way to get your competitive side involved and can really get you motivated to stick to your guns. 

In short, challenges are a step up from playing games with your healthy lifestyle practices, and they can really make a difference in how fun you see your workouts or eating habits.

Do Activities Instead of Workouts

Last but not least, try doing activities instead of just working out. Some people love workouts, but we get that not everyone is the biggest fan of sets and reps. 

Instead, do an activity that gets your heart rate up but doesn’t feel like a workout. This might mean learning to surf, trying out boxing, or going for a hike. You’ll be having fun and exercising at the same time. And when you’re having fun, you’re far more likely to stay consistent and see results. 

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How Health Can Be Fun!


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