Many of us suffer from extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep seems to solve. So, if you’re tired of feeling lethargic and looking for the answers in your diet, then good work - because what we eat is a big part of how energized we feel.

Overall, always choosing unprocessed foods is going to help you stay energized and fight fatigue. So, as a rule of thumb, fresh foods in their natural form have the densest nutrition to help you feel good and full of energy.

But, to give you more specifics on the best fatigue-fighting foods, check out our top 5 foods for sustained energy.


Think of water as the facilitator. Water doesn’t provide us with energy in the form of calories - it doesn’t have any calories to offer at all! But it does give us energy by assisting in the processes happening throughout the body.

Not to mention the beverages many people choose instead of water make you feel more fatigued in the long run. Sugary sodas and even too much coffee can give us a short boost of energy but leave us feeling more tired overall.


Some research has found that bananas offer as much sustained energy as sports drinks to help fight fatigue. Packed with potassium, fiber, essential vitamins, and just the right amount of carbs, a single banana provides tons of natural energy.

And if you’re not a banana fan, most fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables are great foods to fight fatigue. Again, by avoiding processed foods and sticking with food that’s in-season, you’re getting the most nutrients possible in a natural way.


Unlike other breakfast cereals that spike your blood sugar levels which ultimately leads to a sugar crash, oats are filled with fiber and a little bit of protein. Oats give you long-lasting energy and choosing plain oats to customize yourself gives you control over your sugar intake.

More generally, whole grains and complex carbs will help fight fatigue versus processed, refined versions of those carb-heavy foods.

Lean Protein

Red meats are typically full of saturated fats which can leave you feeling extra tired and sluggish. However, lean forms of protein like chicken and fish are better ways to fuel your body if you want long-lasting energy.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds offer a sustained source of energy to keep you going all day long. With complex carbs, healthy fats, and filling fiber, chia seeds are truly a superfood.

Nuts and seeds, in general, are some of the best foods to fight fatigue since they fill you up and often contain loads of dense nutrition. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews plus seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds should all be added to your diet to fight fatigue.


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