OOMPH Kickboxing Father's Day Healthy Celebration

Every year in June we celebrate all the dads out there. There’s usually big BBQs and lots of neckties. But we want to spread the Father’s Day love a little differently this time around!

Whether your dad has always been a gym rat or he’s been rocking the “dad bod” for as long as you can remember, it’s never a bad idea to encourage your dad to focus on his health. After all, we want to celebrate many more Father’s Days after this one - and that means taking care of our bodies.

We’re spreading the Father’s Day love through fitness PLUS some fit-inspired gifts he’ll love!

OOMPH Kickboxing Healthy Father's Day

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

There are so many wonderful ways to spend quality time with dad on Father’s Day while still keeping active and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Sure, we all love a good cheeseburger in the back yard every once in a while, but why not take the opportunity to do something fun together that could potentially become a more regular occurrence.

  • Take a workout class together. If you love your hot yoga classes but your dad’s never been, invite him along. If he’s constantly doing kickboxing workouts from home but you didn’t think it was for you, try it together. It’s a fantastic bonding experience and you both might find a new activity you enjoy.
  • Participate in a 5K or marathon. This is a big one and takes a bit of training beforehand, but how fun would it be to schedule a race on Father’s Day weekend? It’ll give you an excuse to spend more time together leading up to the date and once your finished, you’ll be totally ready to celebrate.
  • Suggest healthier meal alternatives. Grill some bunless burgers or build a huge, delicious salad to add to the spread. Celebrating Father’s Day doesn’t have to be gluttonous and food coma-inducing. Switch to a few healthier food alternatives for your Father’s Day meal.

Gifts Ideas for Dads to Encourage a Father’s Day Workout

Skip the necktie or wristwatch, these fitness gifts for dad are perfect ways to spread the Father’s Day love.

  • Wireless Headphones. If your dad works out with the generic iPhone headphones from five years ago, go ahead and get him some nice wireless headphones. He’ll wonder how he ever lived without them.
  • OOMPH App Subscription. Does dad love kickboxing? Or is he struggling to stay active after not finding a workout style he enjoys? Gift him an OOMPH app membership so he can try our trainer-led kickboxing workouts from home.
  • Theragun. Who doesn’t love a good massage? Especially if you’re sore from a workout, a new theragun is the perfect gift for fit dads.
  • Supplements. If your dad is all about his steak and potatoes but doesn’t seem to get enough nutrients from fruits and vegetables throughout the day, give him the gift of nutrition in the form of supplements. From protein powder to beneficial multivitamins, these supplements can help start your dad on a healthier trajectory.

What did you do this year for Father’s Day? We hope it was an active and healthy one!

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