Consistency is a double-edged sword. We know we need to be consistent in the pursuit of our goals but when the time comes to show up for ourselves, we find a million excuses not to do the thing we said we would.

It’s like we have a constant consistency conflict that leaves us feeling defeated and even more unmotivated. 

But, there is a way to break the cycle! Here, we’re talking about why consistency is important, why it’s so hard for us, and how to stay consistent in your workout routine.

Why Consistency is So Important

The beginning of any new venture is going to be difficult. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be any reason to overcome these challenges. We actually need the adversity, contrary to how we might feel at that moment. 

But without getting too deep, consistency is really the only way things get done. It’s a way to think about the long term instead of giving in to our fleeting whims. 

Consistency leads to habit change and eventually, these habits take over so that we can be less bogged down by decision fatigue. When you start doing something regularly, it takes less time to convince yourself that it’s a good idea. You start seeing results and you’ll find it easier to trust in your habits. 

Without consistency, you’ll find that it’s impossible to achieve anything worthwhile because those habits don’t have a chance to form.

Why People Find Consistency Difficult

As humans, our brains are wired for two things: to conserve energy and receive pleasure. It’s why we want to eat 74 Snickers bars and find it difficult to get off the couch. It’s also why we search for novelty and get easily bored. 

Consistency goes against many of these primal desires. But, as much we like shiny new things, we also crave patterns and our pleasure sensors start to go off once we recognize a familiar routine that we trust. This is how habits form and generally, habits are the keys to consistency. 

The hard part is pushing through those first few weeks and creating a healthy habit. The goal is to make consistency pleasurable and although it takes a fair amount of effort at the start, eventually the habit won’t even be a part of your conscious decision-making - it’ll happen automatically!

So, how can we stay consistent and switch our primal desires from craving constant novelty to craving habitual patterns?

How to Stay Consistent

We have three main tips for staying consistent in your workout routine:

  1. Make yourself accountable.
  2. Avoid burnout.
  3. Switch it up.

You might make yourself accountable by sharing your goals on social media or finding an exercise buddy (like in your OOMPH Club!).

Also, when it comes to consistency, slow and steady wins the rest. Don’t feel like you have to work out every single day. You might feel tempted to go hard when the motivation hits but remember - feelings go away. It’ll be easier to stay consistent when you’re not burnt out, so take it one day at a time.

Finally, it’s important not to ignore that primal part of your brain that craves novelty. Find a workout that keeps you on your toes and switch it up if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut. Try doing your OOMPH workout outside or go for a walk if you’re feeling run down. Remember, staying consistent doesn’t mean doing the same exact thing every day, it just means doing something every day that will get you closer to your goals.

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