Can Home Workouts Grow Glutes?

Can home workouts grow glutes?

Looking to grow your glutes but not sure if it’s even possible by just doing home workouts? 

Well, assuming that you don’t have a decked-out home gym and that when you say home workouts you mean mostly bodyweight workouts, yes – you can definitely grow your glutes at home.

Bodyweight home workouts are all you need to grow your glutes, as long as you’re doing them correctly and for the right reasons. Let’s go over why you should train glutes in the first place and how you can make the most out of your at-home workouts to grow your glutes.

Benefits of Training Glutes

For most of us, the reason we train glutes is to have a tight, perky booty that’s round and strong. But, training glutes is beneficial for more reasons than their looks. Some of the main benefits of training glutes include:

  • Proper pelvic alignment
  • Needed for propulsive movements
  • Supports lower back
  • Prevents knee injuries
  • Helps to burn fat
Can home workouts grow glutes?

Strong glutes help to keep your pelvis in proper alignment which makes sense since your muscles quite literally keep all your bones, tendons and ligaments in place and help them to move around when needed. Plus, a stable pelvis helps keep your body aligned and free from back pain.

Additionally, you need your glutes to do propulsive movements which is just a fancy way of saying that your glutes help you move forward. So, without strong glutes, you’d struggle to walk, run and move in a forward motion in any way. 

Again, since your glutes create proper pelvic alignment, they can also help to reduce lower back pain as your pelvis won’t be tugging at any of your back muscles unnecessarily.

Pelvic stability is also important for preventing lower-body injuries, particularly knee injuries. When your pelvis is stable and your glutes are strong, you can change directions quickly without extra force put on the knee joint.

And finally, strong glutes can actually help you burn more fat. Since your glutes are a collection of large muscles, activating them requires a lot of energy (calories). And when they’re strong, it means those muscles will be larger than someone with weak glutes.

You may have heard the phrase that muscle burns fat, but in reality, what that phrase means is that those with a higher muscle mass have a higher metabolic rate. And with a higher metabolic rate, you’re burning fat more efficiently. 

So, since your glutes are a large muscle group that can help you increase your overall muscle mass, they’re a good part of the body to focus on for your overall health.

Can home workouts grow glutes?

Can Home Workouts Grow Glutes?

Yes, but you have to make sure you’re doing those glute exercises correctly.

One of the main things people get wrong when trying to grow their glutes at home and without a trainer is because they’re not activating their glutes properly. 

In other words, anyone can go through the motions and do some squats or deadlifts. But, if you don’t know how to activate your glute muscles and keep them activated properly throughout the entire exercise, you probably won’t see the results you want.

One of the best exercises to practice to activate your glutes is called a posterior pelvic tilt (PPT). To do a PPT, you’ll tuck your pelvis under slightly (but not too much) and squeeze your booty. 

So, instead of arching your back or tucking your pelvis too much (both common mistakes), you’ll want to make sure your pelvis is tilted slightly underneath you for ultimate glute activation. It should feel a bit abnormal to how you stand with natural posture.

This will align your body in a way that activates your glutes and when you perform glute exercises from this position, you have better chances of seeing faster results.

Once you know how to do a PPT, make sure your home glute workout has a warm-up including some PPTs, gentle squats and other glute activating exercises to get your glutes ready for more strain.

But again, to answer the question, can home workouts grow glutes, the answer is definitely yes. Just activate your glutes first.

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Can home workouts grow glutes?

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