Boxing Workout for Weight Loss

Boxing Workout for Weight Loss

You’re not alone in wanting to lose weight. In fact, at one point or another, almost everyone in your life has probably struggled with weight loss. It’s certainly not easy, but it also doesn’t have to be so daunting either. 

Boxing is an excellent style of workout for weight loss. And here, we’re going over why boxing can help you lose weight and how it’s so effective for weight loss. 

Keep reading to find a 15-minute boxing workout at the end!

Why is boxing a good workout for losing weight?

Boxing workouts are incredible for losing weight for three main reasons. 

First, boxing is a HIIT workout that boosts weight loss in a fraction of the time of other kinds of workouts. Second, boxing is a full-body workout that tones all your muscles. And third, boxing is a lot more fun than doing countless reps on your average workout machine.

In other words, boxing is effective, it offers a great full-body workout, and it’s enjoyable enough to keep you motivated so that you actually see results. 

So now let’s explain through shadow boxing, the muscles you’ll be working when you start boxing, and how boxing improves cardio fitness while burning fat.

What is shadowboxing?

Shadowboxing is essentially just boxing with an imaginary opponent for training purposes. While regular boxing is what you’d see in the ring where two opponents go at it, shadowboxing is what you see in the gym when people use boxing techniques to get a killer workout.

What muscles does boxing work out?

Although boxing might seem like an activity that focuses on the upper body, in reality, it’s a full-body workout. When you do a boxing workout, you’re of course using your arms and shoulders to punch. But you’re also using your lower back and hips, your abs and core, and your legs and calves from all the footwork involved and core strength needed to brace and throw a solid hit.

Boxing Workout for Weight Loss

Why is boxing a super effective form of cardio?

Boxing is considered a HIIT workout which stands for high-intensity interval training. It means you’re switching from powerful bursts of energy to short periods of rest. These intervals train your heart to recover more quickly, improving your overall cardio fitness.

After all, cardio fitness is technically a measurement of how quickly your heart can return to its resting heart rate. So, by constantly switching from your maximum heart rate to your resting heart rate, your cardiovascular system learns to recover quickly, making boxing an incredibly effective form of cardio.

How does boxing burn fat?

As a HIIT workout, boxing is also extremely effective for burning fat. Studies have shown that HIIT workouts can increase your metabolic rate for hours after you’ve finished your session. Therefore, your body continues to burn fat long after you exercise. 

The same study also found that HIIT workouts seem to shift your body’s metabolism to use fat for energy versus turning it into carbs. In other words, HIIT workouts turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

Try This 15-Minute Boxing Workout!

Boxing Workout for Weight Loss

Warm-Up (Two Minutes)

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Torso twists: Twist your body from left to right while standing in a fight position, keep your knees slightly bent to protect your joints
  • Add punches to torso twists: Keeping the same motion, add easy punches on each side, alternating.
  • Imaginary jump rope: Jump rope motion with a gentle wrist motion as if you were holding a jump rope
  • Jumping jacks

Round 1 (Three Minutes)

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Step forward, 1-2 punch, step back, repeat
  • 2 left jabs, 1 right cross punch, repeat
  • 1-2 punch, step back, side right hook, repeat
  • Repeat the entire round from the top

Take a 15-second rest.

Round 2 (Three Minutes)

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Burpees
  • High knees with uppercuts
  • Plank
  • Repeat the entire round from the top

Take a 15-second rest.

Round 3 (Three Minutes)

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Alternate left-right jabs non-stop
  • Jab, cross, hook, hook (alternating) and a squat
  • Right uppercut, left uppercut, right hook, left hook
  • Repeat the entire round from the top

Cool Down (Three Minutes)

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Arm Swings: Stand tall and swing your arms across your body to stretch your chest and upper back
    • Torso twists
    • Hip Circles: Stand with your feet apart moving your hips in a large circle in both directions
    • Arm circles: Swing your arms in large circles forward and backward to stretch your shoulders
    • Wide forward fold: Stand with your feet wide, toes facing forward, bend forward to feel a stretch in your hamstrings
    • Calf stretch (15 seconds on each side): Facing a wall, step one leg back reaching your heel toward the ground to feel a stretch in your calf

    That’s it! Now you’re ready to box like a Champ and burn some serious calories while you’re at it. Don’t forget to download our app for more boxing HIIT workouts and try trainer-led workouts for 7-days free.

    Boxing Workout for Weight Loss

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