OOMPH Kickboxing How To Become A Bad Ass And Take Control Of Your Life

What comes to mind when you think of someone you consider a badass? Confident, unbothered, and totally self-assured might be a good description.

So, how can you become a badass and live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Here, we have three tips for becoming a badass to finally take control of your life.

Protect Your “Me” Time

Real badasses are total givers. But the main person they give to is themselves.

To establish the calm self-assurance that oozes from a confident badass, making sure they’re taking care of themselves is the number one priority.

Perhaps this means taking an extra 30 minutes in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee or some stretching. Maybe it means saying no to happy hour if it’s been a long week. It might even be scheduling an hour every day to make sure you’ve worked out.

Even more so, protecting your “me” time also includes investing in yourself. Sign up for a course to learn something new, show up to networking events, make yourself known, and take action on your weight loss goals.

Figure out what you want, prioritize the things you need to do to get there and commit -- even if that means carving out time just for you.

Be OK with Being Yourself

A true badass is unapologetically themselves. Now, this doesn’t mean that you get to be a jerk, caring only about your feelings, and no one else’s. It means that you embrace the ways you’re different to find where you fit in the world.

Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about you. The truth is, everyone is way more focused on themselves than they are on you. Let the fact that no one cares be empowering, and allow yourself to make mistakes on the way to your unique version of success.

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Are you worried that you laugh too loud? We can guarantee that’s someone’s favorite thing about you.

Introverted and quiet in a world full of extroverts? Embrace your temperament as it could turn out to be your greatest strength.

Did you do something embarrassing? It’s OK to laugh at yourself. You might be surprised at how good it feels when you do.

On top of being OK with yourself at this moment, embracing true badassery means letting go of the past, too. We’ve all had struggles. We all get let down. We’re all dealt with difficult cards.

Badasses let go of the past and move forward. They take responsibility for everything that happens to them so that they can take action in the present.

Long story short, accept your story, and accept yourself. It’s the most freeing experience.

Work on a Badass Body Image

Sometimes, you have to fake it ‘til you make it. You might not be feeling like a badass on the inside. If you focus your efforts on earning a badass body, it gets easier to fit the role.

When we prioritize exercise and eating well, our body immediately starts to change. These changes often lead to a boost in confidence and an improved overall mood.

A healthy body is not only empowering because it shows that you can hold your own, but it’s also a symbol that you take care of yourself and respect your body enough to keep it healthy—a sure sign of a total badass. 

Download the OOMPH app today to help unleash your inner badass through kickboxing workouts. Transforming your body can go a long way in transforming your life!

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