Kickboxing Fitness App's How To Become A Zen Master

Finding “zen” and embracing our inner zen master is available to all of us. It’s all about living in the moment, paying attention, and improving concentration - all leading to a more prosperous, fulfilling life.

Here are some epic tips on becoming a zen master through training, kickboxing, martial arts, and why these practices improve our zen vibes.

Strengthen Your Mindfulness

The first step toward embracing more zen is by working on your mindfulness. Perhaps you’ll practice meditation where you focus on your breath or a mantra. Or, you might quiet your thinking mind through something like yoga or martial arts. 

When you embrace mindfulness, it’ll start to seep into other areas of your life. For example, bringing mindfulness into your eating habits can help you eat when you’re hungry and put down the fork when you’re full. Or, you might use mindfulness to carefully choose your words when negotiating with your boss.

Mindfulness helps you listen to your body, listen to your thoughts, and stay in the present moment - a lesson we are all continuously learning.

Kickboxing Fitness App's How To Become A Zen Master 1

Develop Discipline

Monks and Zen Masters also have incredible self-discipline. Training in martial arts or kickboxing is a fantastic way to cultivate discipline and learn to rely on your habits versus feelings. 

Let’s face it. We don’t often feel like doing hard things. We tend to make excuses for skipping a workout or eating an entire pizza. So, instead of waiting until we feel motivated or “in the mood,” be more like a zen master and commit to your training as a daily habit, no matter what you feel like.

Improve Confidence

Kickboxing, martial arts, and many other types of zen-like training styles lead to unshakable confidence as well. When you earn new belts, learn stronger moves, and reach higher goals, it makes sense that your confidence would naturally increase.

Plus, finishing what you start, being able to defend yourself outside of your training sessions, and learning valuable skills in mindfulness and physicality are all confidence builders in and of themselves. 

Steps to Become a Zen Master

The thing about finding “zen” is that it’s a different journey for everyone. We all start at different levels and come to the table with different strengths and weaknesses. 

So, the steps you’ll take to find mindfulness, discipline, and confidence won’t look the same from one person to another. However, you can engage in certain activities that are better suited to encourage a zen-like state.

Try out a yoga class or practice five minutes of meditation every morning. Enroll in some form of martial arts like karate, kickboxing, or tai chi. 

If you want more than yoga but aren’t quite ready for martial arts, kickboxing could be the perfect fit. You’ll learn powerful moves and improve your fitness in a way that encourages mindfulness and flow. 

Download the OOMPH App for fun, challenging, and empowering kickboxing workouts at your fingertips to do anywhere, anytime. Invite friends, unlock multiple levels, and find peace in both mind and body. 

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