We all know the benefits of exercise and fitness, but working out can still be challenging at times. It can be hard to hit the gym or get to the park on days where you just don’t feel inspired to stay in shape. So, when you need that extra push, we’ve outlined a few sources of inspiration to help you stay on top of your game. 

  1. Find a support group. Exercise can be so much more fun with friends. Whether you decide to join an online or in-person community, support groups or workout buddies can help you stay motivated. You can share goals, struggles, and tips with each other.
  1. Hire a trainer. Even if you read every possible blog and stay on top of health and fitness, it’s tough to know how far you can go in your fitness journey. Trainers, coaches, or instructors can help you develop a new routine and practice properly.
  1. Mix it up. Doing the same workouts can get tedious because you get used to the monotony of doing one activity and using the same muscle groups. Plus, you can get overuse injuries if you continue to do the same exercises repeatedly. If you usually do cardio, try a little bit of strength training. Trade a light workout for one that is more intense, or vice versa. This will allow you to find a new exercise and let your other muscles recover for a more transformative effect.

  1. Read and memorize positive affirmations. Exercise isn’t just about the body, it can also have a positive effect on your mental health. Just like your body can help your mind, your mind can also help your body! A few great quotes to keep in mind include, “Any exercise is better than no exercise,” and “Nothing will work unless you do.” Some days all you can do is take a walk, but it all adds up and encourages you to recover for the next session. Our app also sends push notifications, including inspiration quotes that will help you get moving.
  1. Create great playlists. There are many great songs that will motivate you to find your groove, and they can be from any genre. Look through artists that you love and include songs that inspire you to push yourself. Remember to include a few slow ones for warm-ups and cool-downs. Short on time? You can find plenty of playlists online or ask a friend to contribute.
  1. Leave your workout clothes out the night before. If you’d rather work out in the morning so you can get your exercise out of the way, leave your workout clothes out so you’ll be ready to go after a quick snack or cup of coffee. You’ll have no excuses to hit the gym, park, or your living room if you woke up ready to kill it!

  1. Sign up for a challenge. You don’t have to sign up for a full-fledged marathon—though we encourage you to do so if you’re ready! There plenty of 5K runs, bike rides, or swimming challenges you can sign up for, or you can start a challenge with your friends in our appYou’ll have a deadline to stick to so you can keep up with training.
  1. Schedule your rest days. Rest days are just as important to your fitness routine as your actual workouts! This avoids overtraining your muscles so you can continue to pack a punch!

Ready to take you fitness to the next level? Use these 8 tips to ensure you never run out of workout motivation. 🙌