8 Benefits of Boxing


The benefits of boxing go beyond just getting in shape. Boxing can improve your mental health, helps lower the risk of heart disease, teach you a thing or two about self-defense, and so much more.

We know what you’re thinking: most people associate boxing with violence.

It can be intimidating to pursue a sport that seems to be all about hurting other people, but boxing isn’t like that at all. There are many reasons why boxing workouts help you Unleash Your Inner Champion and get in shape.

Surprising Boxing Benefits

1. Boxing Improves Mental Health 

All exercises offer mental health benefits, but boxing, in particular, can help you vent out your anger safely and harmlessly. Had a bad day at work? Things didn’t go your way? Throw some punches and let everything out! Nothing is better than a bit of movement to start or end your day on a positive note! 

2. Boxing is FUN 

Boxing involves jumping, learning how to have a proper stance, and of course, learning how to punch correctly. It mimics some of the games you played as a child and lets you have a bit of fun in your workout routine.

3. Boxing Improves Reflexes

Boxing helps you time things better and forces you to improve your reflexes. This is because you won’t just be throwing punches; you have to learn to avoid them too. Consistent practice will lead you to have faster reaction times just when you need them most.

4. Get Stronger

A lot of the conditioning you need to do will increase your strength. Even if you decide not to spar with a partner, boxing workouts often require you to exercise with medicine balls, do pull-ups, pushups, and other strength workouts that will help you better throw a punch as needed.

5. Learn Self-Defense

One of the best benefits of boxing is learning self-defense.

While no one wishes to be in a situation where they need to defend themselves, adding a boxing workout can give you skills that can help you in a time of crisis. It’s better to be prepared and not use the skill than to be caught without it.

6. Great for Beginners 

You choose where you start, and what you do with boxing. You don’t have to join competitions or even spar with others if that’s not your thing. Boxing can be done at home without any equipment through shadowboxing. The reasons for boxing are just as diverse as the people who choose to do it!

7. Boxing Improves Your Heart

Heart disease is a silent killer, but exercise and good nutrition can go a long way in preventing it from causing you any harm. With its blend of cardio and strength, boxing is the perfect way to boost your heart health. The benefits of boxing can decrease your risk of heart attacks, stroke, and heart disease. What could be better than protecting one of your most important organs?

8. Improves Your Coordination

A lot of people notice how hard boxers punch their opponents or dodge their blows, but it’s equally important to notice that boxers are light on their feet. 

That’s right, boxers move a lot like dancers in order to improve their performance! 

Boxing fitness teaches you to have the proper stance and posture. To excel at boxing, you have to figure out where to use your body weight, and when not to. All of these things will improve your coordination and acuity.

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