At Home Kickboxing Fitness App OOMPH With 7 Tips On How You May Not Know About

There's lots of advice out there about making the most of your workout, but here, we're sharing some fun workout tips you may not already know.

So, if you're worried that you could do more with your fitness routine, let's see if these ideas can help.

Get Weird

There are certainly more than a few exercises that can make us feel embarrassed and downright weird while doing them. Well, do them anyway!

We're talking hip trusts, bear crawls, and all the other odd-looking exercises that make us very self-aware during OOMPH workouts.

Still, these weird exercises are often some of the toughest and most beneficial of them all. Plus, we could all probably do well to laugh at ourselves a little more often. 

A Little Goes a Long Way

When creating a fitness routine, so many of us can get overwhelmed, trying to do the absolute most to see the best results. But, the truth is, a little goes a long way. 

Even just 15 minutes of exercise each day can create significant changes in your body and mind. You're also more likely to stay consistent with your workouts if you're not locked into a daily hour-long session. It's much easier to get started when 15 minutes is all you need!

Use the Talk Test

A talk test is a fun, easy, and effective way to measure your fitness progression as well as the intensity of your workouts. Unless you're purposely pushing yourself to the max, you should be able to say a sentence, or even a few words during each breath while working out.

If you can't, back off a bit and reduce the intensity for now. The more you workout, you'll notice that your fitness is improving since you'll be able to talk through more intense exercises.

Do Your Chores

Ok, maybe this isn't the most fun fitness tip, but doing your chores around the house is indeed a simple way to get an extra bit of movement in your day.

Vacuuming, shoveling snow, and scrubbing the bathtub can be a surprisingly good workout, and by the end, you'll have clean floors, a clear driveway, and a sparkling bathroom to show for it.

Loosen Your Jaw

Even if you look a bit silly training with an open mouth, loosening your jaw during a workout is something you may never think about doing. However, relaxing your facial muscles can save you a lot of valuable energy.

Especially if you're trying to improve your endurance or do everything you can to push yourself to the limit, relaxing your jaw and allowing your mouth to hang slightly saves energy and improves your full-body fitness.

Bring a Friend

Working out with a friend is not only an opportunity to socialize and build your relationships, but they're also perfect ways to stay accountable. After all, you're far less likely to skip your kickboxing session if your bestie is expecting you.

At Home Kickboxing Fitness App OOMPH With 7 Tips On How You May Not Know About 1

Prioritize Fun

We often forget to prioritize fun in our workout routine. There's no need for us to kill ourselves, pushing through a workout routine that we hate. Plus, you're far more likely to stick with it when you enjoy the exercise you're doing. 

Try out a few different exercise styles to find a few that suit you best. Then switch it up every so often, prioritizing fun. You might do a short run once a week with at-home kickboxing workouts in your garage on most days. Then, a weekly dance party with your friends or walking the dog every afternoon might give you that last bit of cardio in a super fun way.

Overall, there are always ways to bring fun into an effective workout routine. Which of these tips are you planning to try first?

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