OOMPH Kickboxing App's 4 Step Guide To Crushing 2021

The new year has arrived, and we’re all hoping to crush our fitness goals in 2021. But how? 

Here’s our simple 4-step guide to crushing 2021 both in fitness and in life. The time is now to take charge of your future. Let’s go!

Make a Fitness Plan

You won’t be able to crush your goals if you don’t make a plan. So, the first step to improving your fitness is developing a clear, realistic plan.

Depending on your fitness level, your fitness plan will vary. So, it’s important not to do exactly what your friends are doing or what you see on social media. 

Figure out your current fitness level based on how often you work out or your resting and active heart rates. From there, you’ll have somewhere to start.

If you currently only exercise once a week, you might make a fitness plan that has you working out three times a week instead. You might do upper body one day, lower body another day, and cardio for the third. Throw in some stretching, and you’ve got yourself a solid fitness plan.

You might also use our OOMPH app to help you make a fitness plan based on trainer-led programs and incremental changes. The key here is to, again, be clear and realistic.

Set Micro-Goals

Once you have a fitness plan, it’s time to set micro-goals along the way. Sure, you might have an overarching goal of “getting fit” or “running a 5K.” But, the best way to meet your 2021 goals is by setting micro-goals in between.

Depending on your personality, micro-goals might mean only making it through the day. For others with a little more experience, maybe your micro-goal is staying consistent with your workouts for a week at a time. 

When you set micro-goals, the larger goal seems less overwhelming. It can also help you stay motivated as you reach your micro-goals on the way to even more significant success.


Make Monthly Check-Ins

When it comes to crushing your goals in 2021, it’s easy to look at things in terms of years. But, in the same vein as setting micro-goals, it’s important to do monthly check-in as well.

That means 12 times throughout the year you’ll be tracking your progress, reflecting on what’s working (and what’s not), and adjusting along the way. 

The truth is, we often don’t know the best way to go about getting in shape or sticking to a plan. We tend to learn about ourselves and how we operate in this sort of haphazard, trial and error way. 

It makes sense that we’ll have to adjust. Whether circumstances change (hello, 2020) or we simply made an unrealistic goal from the start, it’s essential to do monthly check-ins, ensuring we’re still on track, adjusting if need be.

Celebrate the Wins

Finally, as you meet your micro-goals and assess your progress during those monthly check-ins, it’s so important to celebrate the wins, big and small.

Now, celebrating the wins doesn’t necessarily mean indulging in all the bad habits you’re working so hard to break. Instead, it means noting the success and giving yourself a pat on the back and a healthy reward. 

Perhaps the reward is financial, and you’ll agree to buy yourself something you’ve had on your wish list for ages. Maybe you’ll reward yourself with a new pair of sneakers after a month-long streak of running every day. Or, it could be as extravagant as a vacation after six months of hard work.

Better health and fitness doesn’t have to be all about cracking the whip and feeling shame and guilt. It’s about showing up for yourself and celebrating a job well done. 

There are sure to be bumps along the way, and we have to take responsibility for our journey. But, we also must reward ourselves for our effort and commitment. It’s not easy, but it’ll undoubtedly be worth it. 🙌


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