2022 Back Pain Elimination Hacks

2022 Back Pain Elimination Hacks 1

Back pain is extremely common, and it’s tricky to get rid of as it has various causes. From poor core strength to lousy posture, there are countless reasons why you might be experiencing pain in your back. 

First things first, it’s always important that you speak with a health professional about your back pain before starting your own training. If your back pain is caused by nerve damage, for example, you’ll need specific treatment to eliminate your pain. 

However, once you get the ok from a health professional, try our 2022 back pain elimination hacks today. They’ll have you standing taller in no time.

Train Your Core

2022 Back Pain Elimination Hacks 2

While you might assume that you should train your back to eliminate back pain, the best thing to do is actually to train your core muscles. 

Your core muscles support your back, often reducing back pain. In fact, your core supports every other part of your body too. Your core is made up of all the muscles at your center, including:

  • Abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Diaphragm
  • Pelvic floor

There are countless ways to train your core, and it’s not all about crunches and ab curls. In fact, the best way to train your core is to do full-body workouts that incorporate turning, twisting, and other compound movements. 

Again, since your core is connected to every other muscle in your body, you don’t necessarily need to target your abs directly to see results. Compound, functional movements are your best bet.

Some of the best workout styles for your core include:

Improve Your Posture

Another way to relieve back pain in 2022 is to work on your posture. Our modern lifestyles are more sedentary than ever, and many of us work from laptops and computers, sitting at desks for 8+ hours a day – none of which is particularly good for our posture. 

So, to improve your posture, it’s essential to incorporate ergonomics into your work setting and make sure you move around every so often while you’re working. Plus, daily exercise and stretching are also crucial to improving your posture.

First, let’s talk about ergonomics. Roughly speaking, ergonomics refers to how people interact with their workplace

So, for example, when you focus on ergonomics, it means making sure your screen is at eye height to ensure your neck isn’t straining and that your chair has proper back support to ensure you’re not slouching in your seat.

As for moving around, every 30 minutes, you should stand up and walk around or stretch if you work from a desk for long hours. 

And even more than that, it’s incredibly important to keep up with a regular exercise routine to strengthen and mobilize your muscles to support your bones and joints, all of which can improve your posture over time.  

2022 Back Pain Elimination Hacks 3

Focus on Mobility & Flexibility

What’s the difference between mobility and flexibility? Well, in simple terms, mobility is blending strength with flexibility to improve your range of motion, while flexibility is simply how stretchable and malleable your muscles can be.

In other words, when you blend flexibility and strength, you get mobility.

In terms of back pain, it’s important to focus on both mobility and flexibility when doing your workouts. If you only focus on strength training, it’s easy for your muscles to become tight and painful, which certainly isn’t helpful when you’re already in pain.

Work on mobility by strengthening through stretching. This often means moving through your workouts to improve your range of motion while stabilizing your bones joints.

To do this, incorporate more stretching into your workout routines by taking at least one day per week to do a proper stretching routine. Also, always warm up and cool down by stretching before and after a workout.

Especially for those who put a lot of value on strength workouts, it’s easy to skip out on mobilizing and flexibility exercises. But, if you’re experiencing back pain, our top tip is to focus on mobility and flexibility above all else.

Don’t let back pain hold you back. Start a workout program focusing on core strength, mobilization, and flexibility to improve your posture and eliminate your back pain once and for all. 


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